Advantages of Wrought Iron Fence

Whether you are looking to keep your family and belongings safe and secure, or simply want to add some curb appeal to your home, a wrought iron fence might be the perfect solution for you. There are many advantages to choosing a wrought iron fence, which is why they remain one of the most popular types of fencing available today. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of a wrought iron fence!


Wrought Iron fences do not deteriorate quickly. It does not warp, rot or dry out. In fact, wrought iron fences are considered as the most durable of all types of fencing materials. 

Its durability can be tested during a heavy storm. Should a tree happen to fall on it, you are less likely to find any damage on your wrought iron fence. If a riding lawn mower happens to hit the fence, the damage will more likely occur on the mower and not on your wrought iron fence. 

The durability of wrought iron fence can be attributed to its alloy composition which makes it resistant to rust.  When its iron is combined with fibrous slag, the wrought iron becomes even more resilient to rust. Besides, it is also malleable and has low carbon content (less than 1%). 

You can heat and reheat it several times and it will become stronger. Compared to cast iron, wrought iron is more ductile and softer. So, you can reform it and shape it into whatever you want and it won’t lose its toughness. 


Have you ever seen or heard of a “centuries old fence”? These are the kind of fences that were made from wrought iron. Wrought iron fence is one of the most popular fencing types available on the market. Thanks to its durability and aesthetically pleasing appearance, wrought iron fence has been used for centuries to enclose gardens, parks, and other outdoor spaces. 

Wrought iron offers a long lifespan, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a fencing solution that will stand the test of time. The longevity of wrought iron is evident in one of the most famous structures in the world, the Eiffel Tower. Its wrought iron lattice panels prove that structures made from such material can withstand any outdoor elements for centuries to come. 

The diagonal and bottom chord tension members of the Bollman Truss Bridge is made of wrought iron as well. This railroad bridge, which was built in 1852, is among the oldest standing iron bridges in the United States. 


No other fence material can better showcase a skilled worker’s craftsmanship than the wrought iron. Wrought iron can be heated and molded into whatever design you prefer. Depending on your preferences, the wrought iron fence can be customized to suit your needs and preferences. 

There are plenty of design options for wrought iron fences. The best thing about it is that you can choose from an almost endless list of design options and still be able to make it as unique as possible. Wrought iron fences help ensure that your fences  highlight your home’s exteriors, increase your property value and give it a jaw-dropping curb appeal. 

These wrought iron fence designs can have intricate, commercial, classic or whatever finish you prefer. You may choose to have decorative elements in your wrought iron fences. Examples of these include the scrolls on top of it or the fleur-de-lis design for the main panels. Anything you want for a beautiful fence can be achieved when you opt for wrought iron material. 

Low Maintenance

Although it can be too hard to believe how an intricately designed fence can only need so much maintenance, it is true. Wrought iron fences no longer need repainting for them to maintain their finish. The powder coating that serves as its finish is already enough for it to last for years to come. No matter how long the wrought iron fence has been exposed to outdoor elements, its finish won’t chip or peel. 

Besides, wrought iron fences these days often come already treated. So, you will only need to wipe the dust off or hose down some dirt and your fence will look brand new all over again. 

In case you’re living in places where the climate may not be too favorable for wrought iron fences, just be ready to add a bit of touch up. Example of this is the application of rust-resistant paint once a year to be able to maintain its finish. 

If you are in the market for a fence, wrought iron is definitely a good option to consider. It is more durable and longer lasting than other types of fencing materials, and it requires very little maintenance. If you are interested in learning more about wrought iron fences or would like to receive a free estimate, please don’t hesitate to call us today. We would be happy to help!

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